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Sunday, 4 September 2011

10 Day Friend Challenge: Day 4: A friend that you feel you have the most in common with

I am going to go with another of my internet friends for this one. Most of my friends from Uni/school are still very much young and carefree, most don't have children yet and I sometimes struggle to feel I have much in common with them now I have Cameron.

I started talking to Amy last year.

I feel we have a lot in common as we had our babies within a few weeks of each other and so they have reached milestones around the same time over the last year. Amy has recently become a single mum like myself, and she has dealt with things so well and with dignity. I think she is an amazing mummy and an amazing woman and I am really glad we started talking online.

I think we are similar in other ways as well. We both love to let our hair down once in a while, and we both like to dress up and make ourselves pretty. I would love to meet Amy, and her lovely daughter Lola-Grace, but we live very far away from each other as she is in Newcastle. The next time I am up visiting my brother at Uni though, I will definitely be making plans with Amy!

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