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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Few more Features

So a little while back I had a little revamp and added in a few new features such as 'Cuddles with Cameron' and 'Friday Feelings'. I wanted to add a couple more to keep things interesting and add to what my Blog offers its readers!

Topic Tuesday - If you read the blog reguarly, you will know by now that I can be pretty opinionated and do like to talk about more serious issues from time to time. I will be using this feature to cover these types of topics and allow feedback from you, the readers, if you want to get involved.

Wednesday Wishlist - I am pretty poor and of course put Cameron's wants and needs before my own. But a girl can still dream, can't she? These posts will show you what I would be buying, if I had the money, and what I will be adding to that Christmas list in a couple of months time!

Songs for Sunday - Until I have my new phone all sorted, and have set up iTunes properly etc, I am relying on good old YouTube to help bring music to my ears. I will be using this post to tell you all what I am currently listening to!

I also want to start back up my photo of the day as I felt it helped sum up each day in a short post. I won't be forcing this though, and if for example I stay in all day and don't really do much one day then I won't be boring you all with a mundane or repetitive photo.

I always love to hear feedback from my readers, so if you think that anything could be improved, or if there is a type of post you would love to read about on the blog then please get in touch by email or by commenting on this post or via the Facebook page.


  1. Cannot wait for the new features hun :) sounds great! xxx
    Oh and my word verification is.. nobby haha made me giggle!! xxx


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