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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Current Hates!

I try not to write angry posts that often.... but I have been getting pretty worked up over a few things lately so wanted to vent!

1. Thieves/Criminals

Yes, this is mainly because I have become a victim of theft, but in general I think people who have no morals and think it is perfectly fine to go around stealing or committing other crimes don't deserve to be called people alongside the rest of us. Criminal behaviour is disgusting.

2. Waiting Around

Today I am sitting in my flat all day waiting for my new phone to be delivered. What annoys me even more is that I am not 100% sure that Orange have my new address, so I could be waiting in all day just to have had it delivered to the wrong person! The delivery time they gave me was from 8 until 6pm, that means I am literally stuck in all day long potentially, because Cameron has dinner, bath and bed from around 6pm! Arghhh!!

3. The Royal Mail

From leaving parcels outside my flat door (where anyone could come and take them, I don't trust my neighbours here at all!), to not even letting me collect my own son's parcel from their office! Yesterday I went down to the collection office with two failed delivery slips to collect parcels from friends for Cameron's birthday. When I got to the desk, the man said I would not be able to collect one of them as it said baby Cameron on it, and not my name or surname. He said that babies have National Insurance cards that can be used as ID (they definitely do not!!). I was so shocked and appalled by this, it is ridiculous! He said they would have to redeliver it, creating more work for themselves in the process, just because the parcel was for a one year old child!

4. Healthy Food being More Expensive than Unhealthy Food

This really annoys me. Go into the supermarket, and more likely than not you will find aisles and aisles of cheap/reduced/on offer unhealthy junk foods and ready meals, and then fresh fruit, veg and meats creeping up in price. In my local Sainsburys, a punnet of grapes is nearly £3, Strawberries are always 'on offer' at £2 or with other fruits in a 2 for £3 deal. This means that to stock a fridge with fresh fruit and veg each week, you will spend twice as much as if you were to stock it with pizza, ready meals etc. I really struggle to manage to cook healthy foods for myself and Cameron, when the price is so high!

5. People who Write Vague FB Statuses to Gain Attention

I am one of those people who do tend to overshare and vent via Facebook, no doubt a few of my friends on there have me on a blocked newsfeed because I tend to update reguarly. But when I want to say something on there, I follow it through, if people ask what's wrong I am prepared to say, in front of the rest of Facebook, what it is. What really annoys me is when someone (and it is always, always girls and not men that do it) writes status after status that is clearly directed at someone, or talking about something that has happened, but when their friends comment asking what is wrong, the person will either not reply, or they will write 'I'll pm you' to each person. It just screams attention seeker! What also annoys me is the huge drama of these statuses, often things like 'should I just give up?!?', when all that has happened is their boyfriend failed to text back within half an hour or something equally pathetic. Grrrr, Facebook attention seekers do my head in!

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