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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cameron's 1st Birthday!

Cameron turned one years old yesterday and we had an amazing day! I was so nervous about him turning one as I had heard from other mummy friends that it can be really emotional but I managed to only cry once, when I was putting him to bed and remembering that time last year when I was holding my newborn baby, and I realised I was never going to have my newborn baby Cameron anymore! Silly, I know, but hey!

Cameron must have known something big was happening because the night before his birthday he only managed to sleep a couple of hours which meant that by the time we were up at half six, I was shattered! I managed to get up though and my mum was round for Cameron to open his presents, before she went to work. We had beans on toast for breakfast, which Cameron loves, and opened some more presents on our own before Cameron's daddy came to visit and he opened his presents with Cameron. By this point, my lounge had started to resemble a toy shop! He was very spoilt!

After the presents had been opened, and the wrapping paper stored in one corner, we all went off to Next quickly, hoping to get Cameron some black jeans. They didn't have any nice ones in there though, so off we went to drop Cameron's daddy back to his, and then onto my nan's to go to the park. On the way over there it started pouring down with rain, noooooo!! I didn't have a coat even! When we got to my nan's I decided to just go ahead with the plan to go to the park, we had a picnic all ready and the rain was on and off. We got there and amazingly the rain stopped... for the entire time we were there! We were very lucky...

Cameron went on the swings, and on the roundabout before we went and took him on the little train that goes around the park. He loved it, couldn't stop smiling all the time which was so lovely! After the train journey, we sat down to have our picnic. Cameron loves Watermelon at the moment so he had a lot of that, and he also had Quavers, which he is obsessed with! We went to feed the ducks but there were loads of massive geese around and I am terrified of them! So we went back to where my nan was sat and the geese followed us!! I was really scared by this point, so we just (practically ran) back to the car!

We decided to head to Tescos next as there is a big one near my nan's and I wanted to buy Cameron a present with the money my brother's nan had given him with his card. By the time we got there, the day's activities, coupled with lack of sleep the night before, meant Cameron was fast asleep and stayed asleep the whole way round Tescos! I chose the In the Night Garden Mega Blocks for him as he is obsessed with it at the moment and loves Iggle Piggle. I also got a couple more bits for his birthday party and a birthday boy badge for him. After dropping my nan at hers, I went to meet my mum at work and she took Cameron back to hers whilst I got the flat all nice and had a bit of a rest. She came round with my nan and Cameron a bit later on and Cameron opened the presents from my nan, and the rest of the ones from me. I cooked us some dinner and we also had mini rolls surrounding a normal candle as my mum had forgotten to bring the number 1 candle over from hers. Cameron didn't quite get the blowing out the candle part but he loved seeing the candle lit up and me blowing it out!

After all of that Cameron was knackered and I got him in his bath and into bed (which is when I had my little cry!). It was such a lovely day with my big grown up boy and I am so proud of him! I had so many lovely cards and messages via Facebook and my phone for him, he is very lovely by everyone!


  1. Aww it sounds like you all had such an amazing day :) I cannot believe how much he has grown and he is such a little cutie - you have been such an amazing mummy you should feel so proud and pleased hun :) xxx

  2. ahh thank you hun!!:) He LOVES your presents btw! Totally won't put the tractor book down! xxx

  3. aww i missed it! happy birthday Cameron!!!

  4. Awww what a cutie! Hope he had a lovely birthday!! :D xxx


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