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Monday, 12 September 2011

Cameron is 1 Tomorrow!!

So, the day I have been both looking forward to and dreading for weeks and months is almost upon us. This time last year I was in established labour, in a hell of a lot of pain and on the gas and air.... Cameron was born at 1:28am on 13th September, so in just a few short hours I will officially be old as I will be the mum to a toddler- arghh!!

This year has gone so so fast and I really don't want the next year to go anywhere near as fast. My little boy does not have permission to grow up too fast!

I debated for a long time what I should do with Cameron for his actual birthday as I have the party at the weekend for him. I was considering taking him to Peppa Pig World as it looks so much fun for toddlers but decided against it as it would mean a 40 minute drive there and back and £20 for my ticket which I think is a bit of a rip off and something we could do for a later birthday perhaps. Instead, I am going to take him to the park (weather permitting), feed the ducks, have a picnic and play on the swings before going home and playing with his new toys/watching his new DVD. If it is raining I will take him swimming instead as he loves the water. In the afternoon we are having a birthday meal with my family with his favourite foods which will be lovely.

So, the presents are all wrapped, the goodies all stocked in the kitchen, who wants to bet how long into the day I cry? Watch this space for all the details!

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  1. Awwww, happy birthday for tomorrow to Cameron! :) xo


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