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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

10 Day Friend Challenge: Day 7: A friend your parents love

To find a friend both of my parents love would be quite difficult as they haven't been together since I was very young. I asked my mum and she said both Sealy and Aimee as both feel like family.

Sealy has lived with us a couple of times over the years, and as her mum lives far away in Scotland, she treats my mum like a second mum and often speaks to her for advice.

Sealy, me, my mum and nan at a meal for my mum's birthday

Aimee has been part of the family since we were in primary school and has been on holiday with us a couple of times, as well as reguarly being over our house when we were at school. She also comes over to ours every Christmas day for a bit to open presents!

Aimee and Me on Christmas Morning 2009

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