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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Picture of the Day

Today I have been thinking a lot about tattoos....

I was meant to have my second foot tattoo retouched back in April but didn't get round to it so emailed the tattoo studio today, expecting a long waiting list but when I went in to book it I was given an appointment for tomorrow morning, arghh! So tomorrow I will have both tattoos looking nice and fresh and pretty.

I have also been thinking some more about my next tattoo, which I want to be of a fallen angel as it means a lot to me, having been my nickname for 6 years, and reminding me of the girl I used to be. I am struggling to decide on where to have the tattoo... Any suggestions?

I want it reasonably small and it has to be possible to hide it when I want to! I am in no big rush as I will need to save a bit of money beforehand. I am thinking of probably having it for Christmas.


  1. hmmm how about on your hip? or maybe your leg? its a good idea though i like it :D i can't wait to get my next ones will probably be around christmas too!

    shel xx

  2. The tattoo artist thinks hip too so it might well be there :) xx


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