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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Friday Fellings: 27th August

This week I have been settling into the new flat. I already unpacked at the weekend, but I have been sorting out things like the internet connection and arranging repairs to things that were not working when we moved in, such as the extractor fan. We are also in the process of having new carpets fitted as the old ones are not in a good condition at all! I cannot wait for every little thing to be sorted now, I am very impatient.

Other than the move, I have been catching up with some old friends this week. It has been nice to get in contact with a lot of people that I haven't spoken to as much as I would like recently, as well as meeting up in person with a couple of girls I went to school with yesterday which was lovely. Cameron took his first nervous steps the other day, but has since refused to do it again much to my annoyance! I am sure he will get there soon...

I have been feeling quite low recently, and today I went to the doctors about it. My PND has returned and I am going to talk to someone about it next week.  I am also having some blood tests done next week to see if my Thyroid could be the answer to why I have been feeling exhausted all the time, and lacking in energy (which is not ideal when you have an eleven month old son).

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  1. (((Hugs))) hope when you take to someone it helps and also hope the results are what you want

    shel xx


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