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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Pampers Nappies are AWFUL!

I must admit I haven't done a mummy related post in a long time but I just had to say how awful I find Pampers nappies! I didn't like them when I first used them back when Cameron was a newborn, so have avoided them ever since. However, having come back from holiday and having no nappies left by Sunday afternoon, I was forced to buy some Pampers in Tescos express as they only had them.

I went on Facebook to my band of fellow yummy mummies and the feedback I received was not reassuring. Most mums I spoke to agreed that they had only bad experiences with the nappy brand, and a lot agreed with me that own brand are often much better. Pampers seems to have a reputation amongst 'real' mums (as opposed to those mentioned in ads praising them) as a nappy that leaks. This, I found to be true. Usually Cameron never soaks through his shorts but this nappy had been on for all of an hour and his shorts were soaked! They are awful nappies and I will never ever be buying them again! And they have the cheek to charge more than own brands for a nappy that doesn't even work! I think the best nappy I have used so far is ASDA home brand, followed by Sainsburys. I hate Pampers and Huggies.

Followers who are mums, what are your experiences with Pampers nappies? Do you have a favourite nappy brand? Let me know below!


  1. I use Huggies (well ok not me, but my daughter does). I never thought about own brand nappies. I'd certainly give them a shot.

  2. Weve done ok with pampers and huggies so far. We've used Morrisons own brand too but they seem a bit tight sometimes, and pampers are actually Ashleys favaourite atm, but then again we've only had 10 days experience!! xxx


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