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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Cameron's Development: An Update

Cameron has been on the point of walking unaided for weeks now but just doesn't have the confidence to let go which is a little frustrating as I know he can do it if he just tried! He walks happily around every piece of furniture he can find, using people's legs.. he walks along just holding one of my fingers even, but just not on his own quite yet! The most I can get out of him is one step unaided and then he will sink down defiantly. I am sure he will walk in his own time, and when he does I will be wishing he was back at the crawling stage...

Cameron exploring earlier today.. he's a big friends fan!
Meanwhile Cameron is talking so much now. He has started to say other words on top of mum and dad-dad and now says Emma, Dan, Nan along with yum and yuck when eating, and all gone at the end of meals. It is so adorable! I still can't get over how cute it is when he says mum and reaches for me, but I think the way he says all gone is the cutest thing I have ever heard!

Cameron now has three meals a day along with snacks and milk. He usually has a chocolate wheetabix for breakfast then a ham sandwich with fruit and veg and some quavers (he LOVES them!) for lunch, and whatever I have for dinner. He will eat anything really. He loves eating my curry when I have that but I have to limit him to only a tiny bit or I will pay the price! I am going to make him a mild curry as it is clearly something he wants! He also loves chocolate and I give him a chocolate button every once in a while. He definitely takes after his nan for his love of the sweet stuff.


  1. awww so cute, my cousin used to fall asleep listening to the neighbours theme tune lol

    shel xx

  2. Aww bless him, he is super cute :)
    I bet it is the sweetest thing when he says mum :) xxx


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