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Friday, 5 August 2011

All You Need is Love (from your friends!)

As a mummy I often miss out on seeing some of my friends, especially as we all have our own busy lives and not enough time to meet up as much as we want. Just knowing some of my friends are there for me is enough, but it is always nice to catch up in person and have a good long chat. I got to do this today with a friend I have know since I was 16 and who feels more like a sister than a friend.
Back in the old days :)
She lived with me and my family when we were 16 and again when we were 20 and I consider her one of my closest friends. We were able to have a nice long catch up as my mum very kindly helped look after Cameron so we could go for lunch and shopping and then for a drive. I got to spend some time with her gorgeous little dog as well and have come round to it, after my initial usual reaction of being terrified of it biting me! A lovely day :)

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