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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Welcome to the World Baby Neve!

My friend Mel has just given birth to her gorgeous baby girl who she has named Neve! Such a beautiful baby girl and a beautiful name as well. Am sending all my love and congratulations to her. She had a long labour but it was totally worth it for what she got out of it. Making me all broody again!

Well Done Mel!

Cannot wait to go shopping for her pressies tomorrow!


  1. congratulations mel being a mummy is the best thing in the world.... try to remember this at 4 in the morning after no sleep ;P all kidding aside it is amazing being a mummy the most rewarding and fulfilling thing you can do in your life and nothing will ever come close to this experience WELCOME TO MUMMYHOOD MEL AND ENJOY EVERY SINGLE SECOND XXXXXX

  2. aww thank you girls!! :D i am already loving it! cant beleive shes 5 days old today! its going to go so fast!! xxxx


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