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Friday, 15 July 2011

Wedding Wonders #2

I had some positive feedback regarding my first wedding planning post so have decided to update those interested with what I have been working on for my business portfolio. It's only really a start at the moment but I loved getting my creativity going again and putting cuttings from magazines together.

Edible favours are massive at the moment, especially sweets (which I LOVE!)

Accessories must match the dress... a beaded bodice needs only minimal jewellery.
Shoes, although often hidden under a dress, are important and should match the bride's personality. Some brides aren't comfortable in heels, some can only walk in them...

Not stictly the job of a wedding planner, I am including only brief sections with examples of different styles of dress.I must admit, the beaded bodice dresses are my favourite style of all time!

Sections on weddings to suit different seasons

The Garden Party them is a big thing this year and suits a spring/summer wedding

For a winter wedding, purple is a gorgeous theme

Winter Wonderland is a gorgeous theme for weddings in the colder months


  1. I have been doing this hehe and some on the computer using word/paint :) great mind think alike, i think we should defiantly help each other and work together, not like we are in competition as we live so far away lol ever need any help am here :) xxx

  2. ahh yay :) great idea hun :) xxx


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