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Friday, 15 July 2011

My mini Primark Spree

Today I met up with some lovely girls I went to secondary school with, who were in my drama group for A level. We went for lunch at Wetherspoons and had a catch up and they both said how cute Cameron was, and then me and one of the girls went into town and to Primark where there were some even bigger bargains than usual!

Both of us ended up getting two pairs of sandals as they were only £1!! I got them in black and silver. I also saw baby t-shirts by the till and had to get two for Cameron as they were also only £1 each, and look really cute. So as the whole bagful of things I bought only cost £4 in total I decided it was ok....

excuse the very unflattering angle of my foot!


  1. I need to go to primark not been for ages!!! :(

    your tattoo looks gorgeous btw x


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