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Monday, 11 July 2011

Product Review: Montague Jeunesse Tired Leg Gel

 Ages ago I bought some face masks and other bits off the Montague Jeunesse website and loved the look of this leg gel but never had a chance to try it until tonight.....

What it Says on the Label:
After a long day on your feet uplift your spirit from the toes up. Soothing & cooling , our natural morello cherry & iced mint Tired leg gel will give lasting relief for tired, aching & heavy legs & feet and put the spring back into your step.


Gently massage over legs & feet with an upward motion until completely absorbed. Pay particular attention to knees, calves and ankles. Suitable for daily use. Contains sufficient for both feet and lower legs. Don't use on irritated or broken skin. Use only as directed.

The Product:

-Morello Cherry
-Iced Mint

What I Think:

I love the packaging of all this range. They are so fun and vibrant and provide plenty of instruction as to how to use them, and what the products contain. This one has a laughing happy woman on the front and a feather with the tagline 'makes you feel as light as a' next to it. I had high expectations after using the face masks and loving them for so long.

I am afraid that I was actually really disappointed with this product. First of all, I had forgotten I had shaved my legs earlier today and ouch is all I can say! This is not a fault of the product, but did mean I wasn't able to use it properly. Instead, I focused my attention on my ankles and feet but I hated the consistency of the product, it was like oil and really runny. I luckily had the common sense to put a towel down on the bed when I tested it but it was still really sticky and messy and I had to wipe my hands on the towel to get rid of the excess. I then smelt my hand and it stank of what to me reminded me of strong throat sweets (the cherry kind), it was not a pleasant smile and did nothing to relax me. I know I wasn't able to use the product on my legs, but my feet just felt sticky and definitely not 'light as a feather'. I won't be using this product again. As I type this my hands are starting to burn where the product touched my skin so I had better go and wash them. I would not recommend this product, though I will still use the face masks as I have never had a problem with them. Stick to what you know best, Montague Jeunesse!!


1/5 star rating- would not recommend!

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