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Thursday, 7 July 2011

My 'Mum Tum'- an Update!

So around 4 months after having Cameron I put up a photo of my tummy.... I put up one of it from the side at around 6/7 months and now.... one at almost ten months.... I have not done any exercise apart from walking, and some Zumba a couple of months ago, so please take this into account!

I mainly wanted to show what my stretch marks look like now they have begun to fade. I don't like them, but I feel they are the marks of carrying my baby and bringing him into the world, so I try not to let them worry me.


  1. ooooo looks good, and you dont excercise!! and the stretch marks will one day be faded to more or less nothing :) xxx

  2. Yeah :)heehee, yours is gonna look amazing if you already look that good at 4 days after!! xxx


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