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Thursday, 7 July 2011

I Passed!!!

Ok, so I still have to hand in my Dissertation and have that pass so that I can graduate... But I heard today that I have passed the rest of the year, all my coursework and my two exams :D and the lady in the admin at Uni said she was sure I would pass overall once dissertation was in as well! I don't get my transcript of results until tomorrow so I can't see what I got for each subject, but I am so unbelievably pleased with myself. I wanted to quit so many times this year because I was so stressed out having had Cameron just before I went back, but I managed to stick it out and I have passed! It is such an achievement and a relief after four years at University. Now I just need to tidy up my dissertation, write an intro and conclusion, hand it in and I will have finished overall. So happy!


  1. aww you deserve this soo soo much! i dont know how you do it all with blogging, a baby, uni and then all the other stresses of life! amazing! Cameron is going to be so proud!! :D xxxx P.s. i read this as IM PISSED instead of passed hahaha! god i need a drink eh :P it would be quite entertaining if you did a blog pissed tho :) lol

  2. Haha!!! Oooooo you will get so so drunk first time you drink after having 9mnths off!! :) And thanks, am really pleased :) xx


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