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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My Little Boy is Growing up Too Fast!!

It seems this year has gone amazingly fast, despite the fact that it also felt like it was dragging for most of it with having to do my degree and all of the assignments, exams and dissertation that went with that. Cameron is 10 months old today, meaning he will be one in two months! That is scary!

As a newborn baby!

So grown up!

I have been thinking about his birthday party for a while in the back of my mind but started planning it properly tonight and have a good idea of what I want to do for it now. I am going to have a little tea party with his friends and my friends and family as well, and instead of buying ready made party foods I am going to be making the food so it can be baby and toddler friendly. I have a great little cookery book for babies and have my eye on some homemade chicken fingers, speedy pizzas, cheese stars, easy cook cookies and orange muffins, mmmm! Will also have lots of fruit and veg sticks as well.

You know me, it comes with my line of work to get all excited about the details so I will plan it a lot more in the next month or so. At the moment I am just deciding on the guest list and getting even more food ideas.

I have also slowly started to get him his birthday presents. So far I have an inflatable ball pool and a Woody T-shirt. I know most of the things I want to get him though so I think one big shopping trip nearer the time should do it.

I am also getting excited about moving now I have packed up most of my stuff in my flat. I have yet to find a new flat though, getting a bit worrying now! I will be getting on the flat hunt as soon as my dissertation is all handed in, hopefully tomorrow. I have specific requirements so am not envisaging an easy ride.... Watch out estate agents!


  1. I cannot believe that in 2 months Cameron will be 1.

    I love the idea of the little party for him, it will be so sweet and those muffins sound yummy :)


  2. Inflatable ball pool are fab things for little kids I bet he will LOVE it. I would and I'm a grown up lol xx

  3. ahhh I know, it's crazy!! bought the balls for it today heehee! xx

  4. I cant believe it! I know I rarely speak to you on the More page lol, I speak mostly to Charlotte and Rachel haha, but I remember the day you announced Camerons it really nearly a year ago?


    Happy 10 months Cameron :) xo


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