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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Mini Clothes Shopping Spree!

And by this I mean for mini people, not on a small scale!

As I mentioned in a post yesterday, my friend Mel had her gorgeous baby girl Neve yesterday evening and I wasted no time in going out shopping for some cute little outfits for her to send off to Mel tomorrow!

(I can't show you what I got her or Mel will see and it won't be a surprise!!)

Whilst I was there I could not help but buy Cameron a couple of bits too as he has grown out of most of his clothes now. This is what I got him:

and this is for his 1st Birthday... have started adding presents to a pile ready! Only 2 and a bit months left now!!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE tha wrapping paper :) I cannot wait to see what you got fot baby Neve.

    those tops are so cute for Cameron, I love the Toy Story one :) xxx

  2. ahhh the stuff for Neve is so cute! Will pm you the photo I took of them before I wrapped them :P xx

  3. I love that Gonzo t shirt!! :) xxx

  4. Damn it!! i came THIS close to seeing them then :P xxxxxx


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