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Saturday, 9 July 2011

It's the Final Countdown!

So today I received the transcript for my results and I also finished my dissertation! All that is left to do now is fine tune it all, make it 'perfect' and then have it proof read, printed and bound and then handed in! Woooo!! Feeling better already.

In other news, today I took Cameron to meet my mum's friends at her work, which is a school, so cue lots of excited children wanting to meet the baby! Cameron had a great time in the staffroom crawling around and smiling at everyone, so cute... He has also got his third tooth, and his fourth one is also fighting to make an appearance, so lots of tears before bedtime today.

I have been feeling a little low lately, I think to do with the PND, but I am lucky to have some amazing friends and they cheered me right back up again. Takes a lot to knock me down!

I am going to get some sleep now and will be pretty busy finishing the dissertation off this weekend, but I hope all my readers have an amazing weekend. Let me know what you get up to by commenting below!

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