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Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Day in The Life of Moi!

2am: Still up working on my Dissertation, have set myself deadlines for every night this week up until Monday when I hope to hand it in so have to get everything finished to these deadlines or I will fall behind... This often means working late into the night... After completing it I try and unwind by going on the internet, blogging or reading before bed, but due to it being so late I only manage to check Facebook, take off makeup and sleep....

6am: Apparently (I do not recall!) I woke up and shook my mum awake, asking her where Cameron was? (Asleep next to me...) Hmmm...

7am: Mum wakes me up, after my alarm fails to wake me up three times, and gives me a plate of beans on toast (best mummy ever!) which I eat, still in bed. Cameron is asleep so I manage to get dressed and sort some bits out before he wakes up and we get him ready and leave the house.

8am: Mum drops me and Cameron at my flat, where I am not currently staying as I stay at hers most nights to work on dissertation. I have come to the flat today as I have a meeting at the Uni in the afternoon and can walk in from my flat. I put kids TV on for Cameron and lie down on the settee whilst he causes mayhem with the DVDs. I barely slept so am knackered. Luckily Cameron is tired too and he has a bottle with me on my bed before we both fall asleep.

10am: I am woken by the buzzer going off. My friend came round to see me and I had fallen asleep longer than I intended and almost missed her! We hadn't seen each other since I was still pregnant with Cameron so had lots to catch up on, mostly love lives and of course baby Cameron, as well as the dreaded dissertation! Time flies when you're having fun and around half eleven she left and me and Cameron had another snuggle on my bed.

12pm: Cameron was a bit grumpy so I gave him his lunch early, but he messed around with it, threw it at me and didn't really eat much. He wanted to play so he did, with his noisiest toys whilst I had a look over my notes for my meeting and jotted down questions to ask my tutor. I also checked my emails and had a look on Facebook, chatting to a friend about her wedding dress.

2:30pm: I made sure the flat was tidied up a bit and that Cameron was clean and fed etc and then packed my bag for Uni. I usually hate walking into Uni with the pram as I get stared at, but the students have pretty much all gone home now so it was quite nice, Cameron was smiling at me loads the little cutie so I was a little distracted and almost crashed into the Uni fence, smooth...

3pm: I had my meeting and it went pretty well. I understood the criticisms my tutor made, but she had a lot of praise as well and I actually had ticks on my draft copy, I never get ticks! I came out of the office feeling a lot more relaxed about things and assured that I could finish the work this weekend if I worked my butt off (which I intend to do!)

4pm: After walking back to the flat, I had time to put Toy Story 3 on and have a check of my emails before Cameron's daddy came round to visit him. This meant I was able to go for a shower, result! They had a bit of bonding time watching the film and I got to relax which was good. I went on social networking sites on my phone for a bit before tidying up and repacking Cameron's bag, and assisting in nappy changing...

5:30pm: Mum came and picked me and Cameron up and we said bye to Cameron's dad. We went to Tesco Express on the way home to buy some things for dinner. I decided I wanted to make pasta with meatballs, yummy! I also stocked up on treats such as doritoes and chocolate as I knew I was in for more hard work!

6:30pm: I served up my yummy dinner for my family, including my nan who was over for dinner, and my brother who is back from Newcastle at the moment. After dinner I went into the other room and worked on my dissertation right through until midnight. I stopped occassionally to break and go on the internet or I would go insane, and I also gave Cameron some cuddles and kisses, sometimes only mummy will do and he doesn't understand that I have a deadline. Luckily he went to sleep easily tonight and I had a bit of support from my mum for my work when I had a bit of a stress out!

0:00 having finished the work I had scheduled in for the evening, and written down what was needed to do tomorrow, I saved it to my memory stick and went on Facebook, and wrote a couple of Blogs for an hour to unwind. I find writing really therapeutic and relaxing. I am going to take off my makeup and flick through my More! Magazine now and then sleep, by half 12 at the latest as I need to be up again when Cameron gets up around half 7. Long days!

I would love to hear what a typical day for you is like? Especially my readers with children! Let me know in a comment :)

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  1. I loved reading this hun, hope you do more posts like this :) xxx


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