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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Company Product Review: Charm Factory Bracelet

A company product review is one where the item has been sent to me by the company. This does not make my review any less honest, but I will admit it does make me smile a bit more on receiving the item!

You may remember my competition last week for a charm factory bracelet. Please Note, the competition has since closed and the winner, Mel, is being sent her choice of bracelet as her prize. If you missed my review of the company just click here.

I was also given the opportunity to choose a bracelet of my choice and I picked this one:


When I went to check the post this morning I was not expecting this as it has only been around a week since I picked it and the company is based in America! I opened it up and inside was a simple white jewellery box which was lovely.

Inside the box was the bracelet, laid out and attached with elastic to display it nicely. I was really pleased with the presentation as I think that finishing touches really make a product that little bit more special.

The bracelet itself was gorgeous, it looks just like the picture online which is good as sometimes this can vary. I love the mix of colours of the bracelet, though I did already know this as I chose it! I put the bracelet on and it was really easy to do up due to the large clasp.

Sometimes it can be difficult to do up bracelets on your own wrist, but not this one. It fitted my wrist perfectly and I have no complaints on how it looked, I love it.

I would recommend buying from this company as they have a great customer service, fast delivery considering the items are coming from America, and the products you see on the site are exactly what you get through the post. There are so many beautiful things on the site. If you want to have a look, just click here.

1 comment:

  1. Great review hun :)
    The bracelet looks gorgeous on you, so you!!

    I have the same one but because my wrists are so tiny it ends up almost falling off, but the company really are fab like you say :) xxx


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