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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Cameron's 1st Holiday Part 1

So, as you may remember, last Friday night I was up waaaay too late writing my farewell post as I had to leave at 3am for our family holiday! The 7 hour journey on barely any sleep was not fun but we made it in great time and there was barely any traffic because of the time of day we went. I even managed to meet up, albeit briefly, with a lovely girl I have been speaking to online for over a year now. I met her and her daughter who is so cute!

Cameron 'driving'

We arrived at our accomodation way too early so I took Cameron swimming in the resort pool before we went food shopping (joy!) and had a picnic before check-in. My first impression of the house we were staying in was WOW! It was a gorgeous little house and so homely with comfy beds and a huge lounge along with a balcony and a patio on the ground floor. I loved staying there!

My room

After we had got ourselves settled, my mum went to pick up my other brother and his girlfriend who were staying just for one night as they live in Newcastle. We went swimming...again! For dinner, we had already decided just to order in pizza and watch a film, have a chilled out first night after such a long journey there. It was a really nice start to the holiday, though I did manage to eat too much pizza and feel stuffed!

The view from the pool :)
The next day was my brother's choice of location as he was only there for the one day. He chose Keswick as it has a lake and some lovely views, and was nice and close by as well. We had a nice day looking around the town and having Sunday lunch at a local pub (though I actually had a curry- it was a Madras and I did not like it!!). I bought myself some products from Boots and some candy floss which was yummy! I also bought Cameron a door hanger from a Beatrix Potter shop for his new room when we move. Too cute!

Eating lunch :)

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and having a nice tea before my brother and his girlfriend left for Newcastle again. That evening we went to the entertainment which was a quiz. It was rubbish though! It was so rushed and the questions were way too hard and on subjects that were really stupid. We did quite well though, despite this.

On Monday we took a drive to Windemere and went for a long walk down to the lake. It was a bit too commercialised for me as it was all about the tourists and not so much about the pretty views.
My mum and I took Cameron off to the Beatrix Potter World Museum after lunch and he was a little unsure of some of the animals, but he loved the activity centre which was ironically aimed at older children! I could have bought the entire shop for him as it was all so cute, but I managed to restrain myself and just bought him a board book. He loves it!

Lake Windemere

After we had finished in the museum we walked back to the car and took a drive back, stopping in Ullswater to look at another pretty lake.

We went swimming in the early evening and then for a meal at the restaurant which was nice; Cameron was really good and read his new book in his highchair. I had cajun chicken with bacon and cheese and it was so yummy. The house rose wine was gorgeous as well, really fruity!

On Tuesday it was my younger brother's choice and so we ended up climbing a mountain! Now you probably know me by now and know I am not really a mountain climbing sort of girl. I did moan a bit on the way up as I have a fear of heights and the path up was pretty much vertical! Luckily we had left Cameron at the bottom in some pretty gardens with my nan. I was pleased that I had gone up though when I reached the summit (only of the smaller mountain, the bigger one was too much for me!).

The views were stunning, the photos don't really do it justice. Was definitely a great experience and one that I hadn't done for some years, since I was a little girl!

On the way back we stopped at a lake and relaxed by the water which was nice. It was so hot!

That evening I went swimming and then we went out for a meal- I had lasagne. Back at the house I watched Catfish which was so weird, but I actually got pulled into it.

Look out for part 2 of Cameron's 1st Holiday!


  1. Welcome back, I have missed all of your blog posts :)

    It sounds like you have had such a lovely holiday and all of the places look so gorgeous :) glad you had good weather too!! I love Peter Rabbit, I so want to go to see the museum now!!

  2. Ahh thanks!! Have missed blogging! It was amazing :) and so lucky with weather! Only one rainy day the entire time :) It is great, especially if you're a big kid like me :) xx


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