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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Top Tips for Travelling With a Baby Part 2!

A week or so ago you may remember I wrote a post on travelling tips for the car and coach with a baby. I asked around for mums who had travelled on planes and trains and Kirsty, mum to baby Emily has given her top tips!

Top 3 Tips for Travelling with a Baby on a Plane:

1. Check the Luggage Allowance and Pack Carefully!

The airline tickets clearly inform you there is no luggage allowance for infants, not even hand luggage, however you are entitled to take a nappy bag with 2 - 3 nappys, some wipes and a bottle. I took 6 pre mixed cartons and it was fine BUT your only allowed two, we were lucky! If your bottles are made up or cartons open you have to taste the milk at customs (yak!) so sealed cartons until you get through! If your baby is on solids a few bibs! I only packed 1 for hand luggage :/ and dont take glass jars, ours broke in hand bag so pouches of food are best.

Also a water bottle is a must! Especially if you arrive at a hot destination!

2. Prams ARE Allowed!

 You can take ANY pram you like as long as it folds in some way. We took the mamas and papas ultima, its very big but comfy. Some airlines charge if you prefer to take a car seat but remember it will get checked in with your case, baby will have to be carried and still on your knee on plane. Babies under 2 are not entitled to a seat.

3. Toys toys and more toys!
We traveled with Emily at 5 months and Joe is 4, we had one of our hand luggage bags stuffed with toys. The highchair toys that suction on are fab as they stick on the fold down table (theres not much space for getting toys from floor, espesh with baby on your knee!) noisy toys worked best, not for other passengers though. Emilys fave toy was an empty crisp packet! We bought Joe a DS COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY! He happily watched out window and played with Emily and her toys. We also packed a few blankets to take on plane as its often cold up there, Joe and Emily had a nap on the plane which was a bonus, blankets were a god send.

Top 3 Tips for Travelling on a Train with a Baby:


1. Ask for help!

It is very ackward trying to get a pram on the trains as the aisle are tiny and if you have luggae, it dosnt work. There are very few buggy spaces make sure you get on correct part (unlike us) you can take anything on train for baby including car seat, you dont have to book for them or pay.

2. Find a Good Seat!

Try get a table as it makes your life easier and again toyss and plenty of them. Don't overwhelm baby though and pull toys out one by one as baby gets bored ALWAYS BE TWO STEPS AHEAD thats a must.

3. Change Before if Possible!

Change baby before getting on train as the facillities and never nice on public transport!

(That's another for plane if you can get away with changing baby on your knee, do it! The changing stations are a plank of wood, Emily kept slipping around, was awful!)

And a Few Extra Travelling Tips:

1. Dont try to keep kids quiet!

 I did as I didnt want to upset other passengers but Joe got bored that way so choose to throw a screaming tantrum, he would have been quieter playing noisy lol

2. Pack Extra!

Always pack a change of clothes, we packed 2 each incase of accidents and delays

3. Plan Ahead!

Think about how you will travel at other end of your journey, we were fortunate to get picked up bu a friend, you will need a car seat abroad as taxis are unliikley to let you travel

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