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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Guest Blogger Nicole Talks about Why Having Children Changes Everything...

2 words: Kyle Timmins.. My life. He is only 5 and half months old and already I dont know what my life was like without him...
Kyle was born on the 5th of Jan 2011 at 10.50am in Portlaoise Hospital, about 20 minutes away from my home in County Kildare, Ireland. He came bang on time aswell, which was great because I couldnt wait to meet him.
First night I brought him home was amazing couldnt sleep a wink though from checking him every 5 minutes. My Fiance, Jamie had a flash light and he would shine it on the ceiling so we could look at him haha. At the moment Kyle is teething like mad, red cheeks and sore gums. He got his first tooth a week ago, hopefully they will fly up now.
It is tough, having someone depend on you for everything is a shock to the system. I've gone from a carefree person who could come and go as I pleased to my most important role yet.. A Mammy. I wouldn't change it for the world though. Just one little look from his beautiful blue eyes from behind his long lashes(which he got from his Daddy btw!!!) and a smile where he shows me his dimples and im gone all mushy. I've fallen for him hook line and sinker.
Kyle is amazed by colours and sounds. He'd sit for hours watching our 2 dogs Dexter and Bauer play and fight with each other in the garden. Also and i personally find this brilliant as soon as LMFAO's song Everday I'm shuffling comes on the Telly whether he is screaming crying or laughing, he stops and stares at it.
I cant wait to have more kids and hopefull in the near future i will have a little sister for him but as long as your kids are healthy and happy. I wouldnt mind mind what I have
Nicole Whelan

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