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Monday, 27 June 2011

Summer Days....Drifting Away.....

So you may have noticed, most of the country has had a bit of a heatwave the last couple of days! I have not benefitted in the slightest as I have been cooped up indoors with my dissertation on the laptop screen... I have been rewarded however, with having done a large portion of the work and easing my stress levels a good deal in the process..

Cameron has luckily had a bit more fun as my mum has been helping out with him. He hasn't been out in the sun too much though as babies should not be exposed to too much sun. However, he has been wearing a variety of cute summery outfits including this one:

This is when he fell asleep earlier today going for a walk in the pram. He is looking so grown up lately, time really is flying! He will be 10 months in a couple of weeks, scary!

I am not sure if the weather plans on staying this way, but I hope I will at least get to see some sunshine once this dreaded uni work is over!

What have you been getting up to in the heat?

1 comment:

  1. Glad you have been able to get some more of your work done hun, it will all be over for you soon :)

    Cameron looks so cute asleep and his outfit is lovely - bless him :)



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