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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Strawberry and Raspberry Shower Gel Review!

I have been informed from several readers that they would love to see more product reviews on the Blog. I have quite a few new products that I will be reviewing in the coming days and weeks but thought I would start off with something I have recently bought for myself, something that is an everyday item but surprised me in how nice it was...

Superdrug Own Brand Strawberry and Raspberry Shower Gel £1.32

What it Says on the Label:

'Cleansing and Revitalising with a boost of luscious Strawberry and Raspberry... Give yourself a kick start with a boost of Superdrug Strawberry and Raspberry Shower Gel. Step into the shower and unleash the uplifting fruity aroma to help you feel clean, fresh and energised for the day ahead. A perfect way to awaken your senses'

The product:

-natural strawberry and raspberry extracts
-added skin conditioners
-ph balanced
-soap free

What I Think:

I loved the packaging as I am a sucker for anything cute and girly and this had strawberries and raspberries literally bursting out of the label.. But it isn't all about packaging and what first made my mind up in store was the fruity aroma that hits as soon as you open the lid. Unsursprisingly it smells of strawberries and raspberries and instantly made me want a strawberry daiquiri, yum! When I first used it in the shower I was a little disappointed in the way the product comes out as it kind of pours too fast and you end up wasting some of it. This is the only real flaw though as the shower gel itself smells just as yummy on the skin as in the bottle, and leaves skin feeling  
Lemon and Tea Tree from the range
refreshed and silky smooth. I will definitely keep on using this product until it runs out and will then either be buying it again, or trying another of their range.


4/5 Stars!


  1. Brilliant review hun :)
    This really does look and sound yummy and OMG I so want a strawberry daiquiri now you have mentioned it hehe!!


  2. Hi I have got it too I have to agree with you on how it pours to quickly I got it on a vacation in London and it smell great


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