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Saturday, 4 June 2011

My Weekend

I was planning on going to this family fitness thing in a local park, but when we went down to it, it looked boring and not many people turned up so instead my mum, me, Cameron and his daddy went to the swing park. Cameron was too young for a lot of it, but he loved sitting on the rocking toys and also loved the swings. We also had a picnic, it was so hot and sunny.

After lunch we went to my nan's and I got on with my dissertation for a few hours. In the evening I planned my dissertation timetable.

Early this morning my mum, my nan, me and Cameron travelled up to Oxford where we went to a family reunion of my grandad's side of the family. We met people there that we had never met before but they were all lovely people (naturally, they were related to me :P). Cameron was so well behaved. He didn't get fussy once, and everyone said how good he was! I wore my lovely multi-coloured maxi dress and pink cardgian. It wasn't as hot as the forecast had said it would be, and not as nice weather as the day before, but it was a nice day and we had a lovely lunch outside on the patio. I had stew, new potatoes, some chicken and some italian meat whose name escapes me. It was so yummy! For dessert we had strawberries with meringue and later on when others had tea and coffee, I had a slice of delicious chocolate cake.

The older generations enjoyed the family history session more than I did, but it was interesting finding out how we were all related and a little sad to hear the others talk about my grandad as it made me miss him more. My nan bought along a massive album full of old photos and it was a big hit with everyone!

We went back home around 7pm and watched Bridget Jones 2 whilst relaxing, was a long day!

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