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Thursday, 30 June 2011

My Shopping (Bad) Habits...

Two days ago somebody wrote on Facebook that New Look had a sale on. I brought up the site and spent what must have been at least half an hour browsing the site looking at all the lovely things on sale, adding some to my basket and hovering over the proceed to checkout button. I even went away from it, doing some more of my dissertation, and went back to it... Looked through the items I had picked and slowly deleted them.... and then closed the window completely. I didn't purchase anything.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't actually have much money in my bank account and buying things for the sake of it would have been silly. But, one of the items in my online virtual basket was a hooded jacket, something I actually really do need. I don't own a coat and am going to the Lake District at the end of July with family, not exactly known for its good weather...

I also had a gorgeous pair of white wedges in the basket which I had tried on before but didn't get because they were around £30. In the sale they were down to £9 and only left in my size. It was fate, wasn't it? So why did I end up leaving them both, and the other summery buys, in that virtual basket? Because, I am queen of talking myself out of purchases. Internet shopping isn't too bad.... a lot of people just browse and never buy. But I will go into actual shops, pick something I really like up and put it back again once I have walked around the shop a few times.

And it doesn't stop at clothes.. I will go into a food shop like Tescos, pick up some yummy treat and then five minutes later, return it to the shelf, shoppers remorse already setting in before I have even got out my purse. It will happen with everything and anything I go to buy. Even things I actually need like deodrant or a new toothbrush I can stand around considering whether I can afford it for ages. I am a nightmare to shop with. My mum refuses to go with me anymore as even food shopping tends to take over an hour due to my huge levels of indecisiveness!

Maybe one day, when I'm rich and famous, I will be able to justify spending money on myself and this silly timewasting will finally stop.. For now, I will continue to drool over clothes, shoes and makeup online, placing them all in that infamous basket, where they will stay forever more....

Does anyone else do this? Or am I totally crazy? Let me know your shopping habits...


  1. OMG i do the exact same thing! haha! i always pick something up and say ill walk round with it for a bit, after iv walked around, iv talk myself out of it and put it back lol happens at least once everytime i go shopping! yesterday it happend with a packet of orange kitkats ;) xxx

  2. Omg i do the same!! Supermarkets must love me as i fill basket up then walk round putting stuff back on shelves in random places and not even buying half the stuff i actually need, nightmare! so glad i'm not the only one though!xx

  3. I do it mainly on New Look, I am always unsure about buying off line and the prices for delivery etc especially if I need to take it beack because you don't get that refunded! Xx

  4. I even do it when there are amazing deals on like discounts and free delivery. It's true though, buying online is a bit of a risk xx

  5. Haha I did the same thing online with the Boohoo sale yesterday, n the same thing in a couple of shops last time i was in town, picked up a couple things, then a few minutes later walked round put them all back n then left the shop with nothing. I'm crazy lol xx


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