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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Guest Blogger Joanne Explains the Benefits of Walking as a form of Exercise

Hello everyone, my name's Joanne and i'm going to tell you about the delights of walking!

This is me!

Now i like to exercise, but i hate gyms and getting sweaty in front of hot men! So combining my passion for the countryside and photography, walking is one of my favourite pastimes, and as well as being great for your physique it's also great for the soul!

 My latest walk was with my mum, dad and daughter Elizabeth to a local stretch of the canal on monday evening, most of which is not in use anymore, we walked 2 miles in total (and got my sister to pick us up and fetch us back to the car as it was getting late!) With my trusty camera in hand we set off to see what wildlife awaited us, we saw ducks, geese, moorhens, and swans with signets (believe me they don't like being photographed so much!)

With walking, whether it be in the countryside or urban parks, with family and friends, or on your own with your ipod, there is often so much to see that it really doesn't feel like exercise and you can walk for hours! I would recommend trainers or a good pair of walking boots and a bottle of water, and always go to the bathroom before you set off!

My next walk is planned for Sunday with the family because it's my mums birthday, although we haven't decided on a location yet and i'm praying for gorgeous weather for once (It is June after all). My next post will be about that walk wherever it happens to be!

So get those trainers on, grab your camera and GET WALKING! I guarantee you'll love it....

Make sure you check out Joanne's next blog coming soon!


  1. Thank you for letting me guest Emma xx

  2. Love it Jo I wish I lived in such beautiful countryside like you walking through built up towns and council estates isnt quite the same but I will get myself down the river thames as soon as I get a chance xxx


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