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Monday, 23 May 2011

Some Facts about Me!

One of the things that came out of my survey on what my readers wanted to see on the blog was more about me. Well, I had a look online and came up with some surveys that aim to let readers know more about yourself so here are my answers:

Name: Emma-Louise Parry
Nicknames: Lou Lou (by my mum), fallenangel, ermin
Gender: Female... last time I checked :P
Religion: Christian, though my views are complex, I don't believe everything in the religion as I think some is outdated
Height: 5'7
Weight: 9 stone 8/9 depending on time of day!
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Single or Taken: Single
Is that a good thing?: Nope! I HATE being single! I love it for a bit and then I miss the affection of relationships. It is really really hard being a single mum, as well. Unbelievably so!
Band: I don't really have a band I like...
Junk Food: Pizza! Or curry or chocolate mmmm! I have too many I love!
Time of the Day: I like the evenings, when I can get on with things and also get some writing done. I also love when Cameron goes to bed as its when he is the cutest and cuddles up to me whilst I give him his bottle and read him his story.
Day of the Week: I like Sundays as I get to spend time with my family, have a yummy sunday lunch at my nan's, and I watch Desperate Housewives with my mum.
Animal: I am not much of an animal lover, though I do think little dogs are majorly cute!
Pair of Shoes: My newest pair are gorgeous, a pair of sky high black heels, but I also love my shoe boots as they look amazing on!
Quote: Live Without Regrets, without a doubt. I 'branded' myself with it because it means so much to me
Feature on the Opposite Sex: Eyes, love a nice pair of eyes, heehee
Feature on yourself: I like my legs, they could be a bit thinner in the thigh area but they are long and the calves are quite good. I'm happy :)
Have You Ever?
Been in Love: Yes, twice.
Ran out of Gas: Nope as I am a careful driver!
Cheated: Yes. I am not proud of myself. But I also don't think people should judge before they know the full story in these situations
Been Cheated On: Yes, a few times. It feels horrible so yes, I know how nasty I was to do it.
Lived a Dream: I am living the dream right now! Haha! But seriously, when I started working in events on my placement I felt I was finally living, especially when I was working at Wimbledon as it was so prestigious. I can't wait to get back into work this year!
Started a Rumour: I think, back when I was at school I probably did, yeah.
Had more than £1000 in your account: Yep. But mainly had it and then it went straight back out on rent!
Your Most Unusual Obsession: I obsess over not picking the first item on the shelf... though this is down to mild OCD so I suppose isn't THAT unusual...
Your Greatest Weakness: A bad boy, especially one who has hurt me in the past... for some reason they manage to get to me every time!
Biggest Fear: Losing those I love. I also have a massive fear of bees and wasps, and general flying insects, and of spiders.. and I have claustrophobia
Things You Can't Live Without: Cameron
Describe Your Personal Style: I don't follow fashion really. I am loving playsuits, pretty girly summery dresses and maxi dresses at the moment, and high, high heels or wedges
Who's Your Best Friend? Aimee, she has been my best friend since I was 8 and knows me better than anyone.
Any Tattoos? I have two. One on either foot. Live without regrets, and wish upon a star
Your First Thought Waking Up: Cameron
What are your Pet Peeves? I hate liars! And two faced girls!
Any Pets? No, none.
Do You Work Out? Yes, when I have the time I like to do Zumba or an exercise DVD or go for a long walk with Cameron
Do You Like meeting new people? Yes I do, though I am shy to start with which makes it hard
Pick 1:
Staying home/Go Out? Stay home, am an old woman now!
Mix Drink or Beer? mix drink being cocktail? If so, that! Hate beer!
Dogs or Cats? Hate cats and they hate me too, so dogs, not too keen on either though
City or Country? Neither, Bournemouth is the place to be!
Blend in or Stand Out: I don't want to blend in, so I say stand out!
Fantasy or Reality: Unlike some people I am not stuck in a fantasy world! So, reality!
Hard to get or hard to handle? Hard to get...and if I'm being honest, hard to handle as well
Fish or Bird? Random... fish
Up all Day or Up all Night? Both at the moment! But prefer night to day!
Winter or Summer? Winter for Christmas!
Finish the Sentence:
I wish I had... more money so that I could give Cameron everything he deserves!
I wish I could.... find someone who loves me for who I am, not who they want me to be....
I wish there were..... less nasty people in the World!
If I had... a time machine, I would not change a damn thing! Everything happens for a reason!
I have... a gorgeous baby boy whom I love more than life itself!
The funniest thing ever was.... there are too many things! In jokes with me and my mum are the best though!
I got so mad when... I was treated badly by exes
I haven't and never will.... change myself to please someone else, or lie about who I am
I am... ambitious and will go far!

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