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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My Life at the Moment (In pictures)

I've seen a couple of blogs summing up using photos lately and have decided to jump on the band wagon and show you lovely readers what my life entails at present:

Stress: I am majorly stressed at the moment and need to try and relax and calm down a bit! In need of  a holiday!

Exams: I have my last ever exams (unless I retake) this month. One is on Monday, the other is on 31st. I am very nervous as I have missed so much of uni this year...

Teething : Cameron has got his bottom two teeth (like the baby below!) and is still teething so think he may be getting some more as well. It makes him very unsettled and he is quite clingy with me at the moment as a result.

Summer Outfits: with all the sun and hot weather we have been having lately I have been able to get out my new summer wardrobe! I am living in maxi dresses, playsuits and my cropped jeggings and bright block colours, but this outfit idea I found online is gorgeous!

Ice Cream: I am not a huge fan of ice cream but lately have had a bit of an addiction to Twister ice lollies! Cameron loves to steal some too. Had one this afternoon as a reward for all my exercise I've done.

Exercise/getting fit: I have become an exercise lover! I am getting into Zumba, having got the wii game for my birthday. I am finally getting the hang of the routines as I am very uncoordinated! I love how I feel after exercising. I also went for a long walk today with Cameron in the pushchair and will be doing so much more reguarly as it felt great to be getting out.

Scary Films: I have rekindled my passion for horror in the last few days. I shock people that I love horror films as I am such a girly girl. But I honestly love nothing better than being scared out of my wits. Sadly it doesn't happen often as I have become desensitized to all the gore etc. Films I love at the moment are A Nightmare on Elm Street (the remake, though I also liked the original (pictured)), Case 39 and The Ring.

Family: I know this is not a true representation of my family! But I am feeling very close to my family at the moment, due to staying at my mum's a lot due to revising for my exams (she looks after Cameron for me in the evenings). My cousin is staying with my mum at the moment and as we are close in age and like a lot of the same things (The Only Way is Essex, scary movies, mexican food and wine to name a few) I have loved spending time over there. It feels weird being back at the flat at the moment, but I will be going back over this weekend for a final revision push!

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