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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

What a difference good makeup makes :P

A little nervous about posting this up to be honest. Yes I am vain and yes I do wear makeup ALL THE TIME! Which is why it is slightly scary to post this before and after photo up of me.... But I just wanted to show you my naked face and how a bit of makeup can be the difference between scaring small children away and looking presentable.

No makeup:


The worst thing is my eyes, the dark circles under them come from constantly looking after a baby and never getting enough sleep. Other than that I am reasonably happy with how my face looks. I get the odd spot when I am stressing out too much or have one too many all nighters with Uni work, and I am not too happy with how my nose looks pre makeup as I tend to make it smaller using bronzer, but overall I am ok with how I look. I just wish I had the confidence to actually go out without it on!

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