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Sunday, 3 April 2011

My First Mothers Day as a Mummy!

I was really looking forward to my first Mothers Day and I was not disappointed!

I was woken to breakfast in bed with my mum and Cameron, made for us by my brother Daniel and his girlfriend Zoe. I was still feeling poorly from my night out so couldn't eat much, but it was such a lovely thought! I had already given my mum her Mothers Day presents when she came out of her operation, but I did give her a present from Cameron which was a photo frame :) and I gave her a card from me, and a card from him.

I went to Sunday School with Cameron and my mum at 10am and we had a great time making a picture of a flower, and singing songs. We went into the main church and got given bunches of Daffodils! Was really sweet.

We went to pick up my nan and then to a restaurant called The Shah of Persia which was pretty packed but we got a table and were served pretty quickly. I had Chicken Jalfrezi and it was so so spicy! My mouth was on fire! We got a free Bailey's Cup after the meal as it was Mothers Day, but I hate Baileys and my mum doesn't drink so my nan got all three! She was a little tipsy...

After we had finished the meal, we went to Tescos where my mum bought me a big bunny 'from Cameron' for Mothers Day, she had already given me a card from him in the morning. I also got some Lindor Chocolates which I LOVE!

We went to Haskins and had a look around. My mum bought my nan a plant and I bought my mum one. My mum also bought me another teddy bear, with mum on it! She also bought me a present for Cameron's Christening and two DVDs for his Easter present!

After we had taken my nan back home, we went back to my mum's flat and we watched Back to the Future 2 which I really wanted to watch and it was on TV! I ate some of my chocolates and searched online for a present for Cameron's Christening from me. I am planning on chilling out with Cameron having cuddles and then watching The Only Way is Essex before bed.... Perfect 1st Mothers Day!!

I hope all my yummy mummy (and yummy mummy to be) friends and readers have had a great day, as well as my own mum and nans!

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