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Saturday, 23 April 2011

My Easter Holidays- an overview!

I have always loved having a mum who is a teacher as it means that I have always had her around over the school holidays, and I still love it as it means I get to spend some quality time with her and Cameron.

 Easter holidays also mean my brother James coming home from University (he goes to Northumbria Uni in Newcastle so verrrrrrrry far away!). This time James also brought his girlfriend Becky home with him so it has been really nice getting to know her as well, and has meant we have done more 'touristy' things than we have before as we were also showing her around as Becky is from Newcastle.

We have gone to Poole Quay and had a walk along the harbour, looking at the expensive yachts and eating the obligatory ice cream; sat on the beach and introduced Cameron to the sand and the sea; had a few drinks on the sea front; had a picnic in the park; gone shopping in Bournemouth town centre; had a walk through some of the New Forest; and yesterday we went for a day trip to Corfe Castle, an old castle ruins. We fit in a lot!

Pretty much every night James and Becky have also gone out into town, that's a bit too hardcore for me with Cameron to think about so I just accompanied them on one trip but it was much needed to get away and relax a bit, let my hair down etc.

Easter holidays finish this weekend and James is also going back to Newcastle on Sunday so we plan to go for a meal before they leave. It will be weird not to see him every day after 2 weeks of him being around, but I am sure my birthday celebrations, which start next week, will take my mind off things!

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