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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Focus on Smilebox!

I recently came across a great download called Smilebox and cannot recommend it highly enough! I have had several compliments on my designs through this and have been asked what I used so thought I would write a quick blog on it so that others can start using this great design tool! Smilebox allows you to create your own scrapbooks, slideshows, invites, cards etc all using easy to use templates. These can then be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, via email or printed, put on disc or CD etc. The list of possibilities is pretty endless to be honest and I have never come across a prolem whilst using it. I have so far only used the tool to create an invite and thank you card for Cameron's Christening, but will definitely be using it a lot more in the future. There is an option to pay for a membership which allows even greater customisation, but I was more than happy with what you could do for free. You can even add a choice of music to go with your greeting cards or invites and you are allowed full reign of the wording and the photos you use. I could not recommend this more, have a look now!

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