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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Events of the Day...

Today was quite a nice one and I feel I have been quite productive. I was dropped back at my flat by my mum as I have been staying at hers to catch up on Uni work. She had work so I got to my flat around 8am, early!

What I was wearing today
Cameron would not go back to sleep so I got straight on with things, putting the tv on for him and reading a magazine which I NEVER get a chance to do at the moment. Cameron was playing with all his toys on the floor and gurgling to himself, so cute! I did some washing, tidied my room, hand washed some of my delicate clothing and tidied the lounge and kitchen area before Cameron had a nap so I went to bed as well for an hours power nap.
After we got back up I made myself a chilli con carne and then fed Cameron. I sorted out some blogging things on my phone before deciding it was high time we got some fresh air, so we went into town. I bought some essential things but then had time to browse around the shops as Cameron had fallen asleep. It was such a nice day, really warm and sunny, relaxed me completely.

I bought a piggy bank for Cameron as part of his Christening present, and I also bought myself a new pair of ballet pumps and a lilac eyeshadow to wear at the Christening. I bought myself some fake eyelashes to wear out on my birthday night out, love them! When I got back to my mum's flat, the guestbook for Cameron's Christening had arrived and it is gorgeous! Really lovely packaging as well.

I spent the afternoon chatting with my brother and spending some quality time with Cameron singing along to silly nursery rhymes on Youtube. After dinner I spent a little time updating my Blog and then was a good girl and did a couple of hours of Uni revision before having a well deserved break for a bit of me time watching The Only Way is Essex. I will be spending another hour or two revising before bed, all in all, a good day!

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