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Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Day is Almost Upon Us!

The day I have been waiting for, for months is finally almost here and after months of looking forward to it and making plans, I have to go and get ill just a couple of days beforehand!
Gutted is not the word. I am still feeling really unwell, but have at least managed to eat something today and the sick feeling has almost passed, fingers crossed. I have a horrible cold and a really sore throat as well, which is not fun... I went to sleep at half ten last night, which is totally unlike me, which showed me how unwell I am feeling.

I think I have worked myself so hard, staying up extra late the past few nights to finish to my own deadline on my revision notes, that when I finally had a few hours away from Cameron and just sat and read magazines whilst having my highlights done, my body went into rest mode and hasn't liked coming back out of it! I have rested as much as I can with Cameron, and have taken some painkillers for my headache and nausea, but apart from that it's just hoping I feel better in the morning really....

I really cannot wait for tomorrow! Cameron is going to look gorgeous in his little suit, and it will be lovely for all our family and friends to be there for his special day. I will be putting up photos asap afterwards as I am a right show off and can't wait for you all to see (heehee!). I better go to bed now as we are all up early tomorrow, and as the vote was a landslide for me to have my hair curly, I have to do that in the morning before Sunday school too! Stress!! Check back to see how it went...

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