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Monday, 18 April 2011

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 22: Your nicknames & why you have them.

I have a few nicknames, but the only three that have really stuck are Fallenangel, Jaffa and Ermintrude (lol).

I have this poster called Fallenangel!

Fallenangel was from when I was going out with my first boyfriend. He used to call me Angel, but then I did something bad so instead I got called Fallenangel which to be honest I liked more and have used it for email accounts etc since as well as, of course, this Blog.

I am referred to as Jaffa by Georgie, who I used to go to Uni with. It is from 2nd year when she used to camp over in my room to finish assignments the night before deadline. We would stay up well into the early hours of the morning and go downstairs for midnight feasts of cheese and ham toasties or just Jaffa cakes, which we both became obsessed with, hence the nickname. Mine for her was Tiff, which she is still down under in my phone, but I can neither remember the reason behind it or refer to her in person as this.

Ermintrude, as embarrassing as it is, is just one of many nicknames for me by my best friend Aimee. We used to call each other many variations of this (hers is Aimintrude). This one is the most commonly used, and believe it or not the least embarrassing one!

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