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Friday, 18 March 2011

Red Nose Day! Comic Relief time!

I always watch Comic Relief with my mum and this year is no different. I decided to make a nice meal for us and my nan who was over as well. I looked in my recipe book and chose a meatball stew which looked  
lovely in the book, but when I made it I really didn't like it! It had passata as the sauce base and it just didn't go with the potato at all. I made a dessert as well which was lovely but really sickly!

My dessert!
I never really cry at the clips on Comic Relief, but I did tonight as I have had Cameron since, anything with kids and I am a mess! I started uncontrollably crying when I saw the kid who saw his mum for the first time and reckon it won't be long before I cry again. For me, the most annoying part of the night is when the comic relief song is played over and over again, especially as this time it is to me very depressing.

A really horrible point was when the Eastenders storyline was on with Whitney stuck in a gang, being used as a sex slave. I was on the edge of my seat. I know it is just a soap, but things like that do happen in real life and it was really upsetting.

I will not keep going as I am still watching the show, but I would urge you to give anything you can for this charity as they support many different areas from Africa to domestic violence and child carers in the UK.

Donate here:

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