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Friday, 4 March 2011

My MissRebel Prize!

A few weeks ago I won a competition on Rachel Crawford's Blog. The prize was any item off the MissRebel website and I immediately went online to choose what I would like. I fell in love with this dress:

 The company took a few days to email me, apparently my account was rejecting their emails. I was advised on what to do about claiming my prize and so did this and waited patiently for my prize to arrive. As it had to be signed for I had to go and claim it from the post office after I missed the delivery. I tried it on...and it didn't fit... I was very disappointed that it didn't fit and emailed them to see what I could do. They emailed me back and told me that I would need to send it back to them, including a postal order for £4 for them to deliver it back to me in a different size. I was pretty annoyed to be honest that I would have to pay for a prize. I was more annoyed that postage to them cost £2, which means that postage back to me should have been £2 too and they were charging double that! I was even more annoyed when they took almost a week to deliver the 2nd dress to me.

However, when I put the dress on today I totally fell in love with it and forgave the company...

It is a brighter pink, but the photos show up as more coral.

(Excuse my fringe, it had not been styled!)

I am probably going to wear it for one of my birthday celebrations in April/May as it is so pretty. I will need to fake tan a bit as it is very short! I am also going to have to wear a padded strapless bra as the dress is a little big around my boobs! With killer heels I think it will be a great outfit for cocktails by the sea...

Big thanks to Rachel for putting on such a great competition. You can follow her blog via this link:


  1. Wow I absolutely LOVE the dress on you hunni, you deffo chose the right dress and the colour is gorgeous on you!!
    Lots of loves xxxx


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