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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 4: 5 interesting facts about your family.

 5 Facts About my Family:

1. I have two brothers and a sister, one brother lives with my mum 5 minutes from me, the other brother lives half the year in Newcastle at Uni and the other half bumming around my mum's (joking!), my sister lives with my dad in Essex.
Me and James

Me and Megan (with my mum on the right)

Me and Daniel

Mum's Wedding Day
2. My mum and dad divorced when I was only a baby. It took quite a few years but they are now sort of friends and I am pleased there is no tension between them as it always makes things easier that they get on. My mum has been remarried, but split and divorced with my younger brothers dad when I was in my teens. They no longer speak and I can honestly say I have never known a nastier person than he has turned out to be. My dad and his long term girlfriend, and mother of my sister, have also split. I struggle to believe in love that lasts after all these splits!

3. I grew up in Kent but my mum and stepdad moved us to Dorset when I was 8 and I am so glad as I much prefer it here. Since then my dad moved to Essex from London, and my nan and brothers nan both moved down here, just leaving my aunt and her family in Kent.

Me and Aaron
4. I consider one of my cousins, Aaron, as a brother as he lived with me and my family a couple of years ago and still stays over at my mum's and nan's from time to time. I get on with him like a brother, sometimes really well, other times...not so well... we have had a few blazing rows and have acted stubbornly and not spoken for days at a time. It's only because we are similar!

Great Grandchild!
5. I gave my nan her first great grandchild when I had Cameron, but my dad's mum (my other nan) had become a great grandmother the year before when my cousin Daniel's fiancee gave birth to a baby girl, and another cousin, Billy, on that side of my family has had a baby boy since me making the grand total 3 great grand children on that side!

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