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Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Diary Entry from Pregnancy!

20th August 2010

Almost 38 weeks pregnant and very impatient!!

I am 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant today and am getting extremely impatient to have baby Cameron! I have been taking raspberry leaf capsules since 36 weeks and increased to the highest dose of 6 capsules a day once I reached 37 weeks. Over the last week I have eaten a lot of spicy curry and spicy pasta as well as some fresh pineapple and lots of orange juice. I went to see my mum's friend Candice's baby boy yesterday and he was gorgeous but just made me want my own baby even more! I am getting a little worried about the birth and being a single mum now, but know it will all be worth it when little baby Cameron comes out :)

I am having another curry tonight so fingers crossed something happens soon!
Ahhhh, takes me back!!


  1. Do ya think taking them capsules helped? as they are supposed to tone your uterus or something arnt they? and make pushing time less? i may try them when the time comes! xx

  2. I wld say they helped yeh :) go for it! xx


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