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Thursday, 13 January 2011

My Pet Hates! (Disclaimer: If you are easily offended, look away now!)

Right, a post on a group on facebook earlier ended up starting a small debate about sunbeds which led me to start thinking about my pet hates. And there are quite a few of them! Though for the sake of keeping this blog less than a few pages long and me being able to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight I shall keep it to my top 5! (Though I may end up simply having to come back and write more another time!)
Number 1: Sunbeds! 

First off, sunbeds. I don't just hate these things, I simply don't understand how anyone can be so stupid as to have a sunbed when they have been proved to increase your risk of skin cancer dramatically?! Why would anyone in their right mind want to risk their life to look 'good'. I use the term good loosely as in my opinion, the people who do use sunbeds usually are the type of people who think orange or brown skin looks amazing on them when in fact it could not look more fake and not even nice! If you really must have a fake tan all year round, why not have a spray tan? Or if you can't quite stretch to one of those (as I must admit, I doubt I could), then there are plenty of brands of easy to use self tans out there including one I got from amazon for £2.50 a bottle- St Moritz! Yes, that is right, you heard it right, I do in fact sometimes use fake tan myself! But only very rarely as I honestly don't see the point in changing your skin colour permanently all year round? Do people really hate themselves that much they need to change their appearance that drastically to be happy? Another argument from the sunbed side is that they are really cheap?! So, if cigarettes were really cheap that would mean people would simply HAVE to smoke? Oh right, that brings me onto....

Number 2: Smoking!

I HATE smoking! I generally dislike those that do smoke, though I do make a few exceptions for people I actually like though I still disapprove! (You know who you are!) Like the sunbeds, I just don't get why people would want to increase their chances of dying from such a horrible disease as cancer? My grandad died of cancer of the oesophagus when I was 12, through no fault of his own, and I see people lighting up their cigarettes and smoking their life away (potentially) and it makes me mad. But, even more than just anyone smoking, I get really angry when I see mothers with children alongside them smoking! That is just not on. That child does not have any say as to what is going into their bodies through second hand smoke. If you are a mother and smoke, at least have the decency to do it away from your child! Do not even get me started on those that still smoke throughout pregnancy?! Why would you do that to your unborn child? Ok, I am in danger of annoying many people and getting very worked up typing this so I shall stop. Just one further point though is that I don't think people should be allowed to stand smoking at places like bus stops etc where you are forced to stand next to them inhaling their smoke, expecially annoys me when I am with Cameron. When I was pregnant, in Disneyland, I was stuck in a queue for a ride (a kids ride might I add) when the guys in front both lit up and started smoking pretty much in my face! I actually could not get away from it. That is just totally unfair and disgusting behaviour.

Number 3: Parent and Child Spaces being used by non-parents etc

I know there is an argument from the other side of this one but I simply do not care. I am firmly on the side of the parents as I have experienced the difficulty faced when one of these spaces are not available and nothing makes me madder than seeing someone get into a car, parked in one of these spaces with no kids in sight! The worst offenders are men in sports cars who wouldn't have room for a baby seat in their pretentious little cars even if they did have a kid. Eurghh! The other chief offenders are those with teenage kids who once were eligible and didn't quite want to give up their rights and feel they can justify using these spaces by pointing to their clearly able children and saying they are parents too! These spaces were made for parents with young children. They are closer to the shop, thus making them less dangerous for children to be walking across an often busy car park and from the point of view of parent with a very young baby, they have been specially made bigger so that it is possible to get a car seat in and out of the car easily and with little fuss or damage to your own or the car next to you! So next time you go to the shops, sans child, and decide to park in a space not meant for you, please remember that there may be a harrassed mum struggling with a baby due to your laziness!

Number 4: Excessive Bragging!

Let me get one thing straight to start off; I am NOT saying that people are not allowed to have nice things or to be happy to have these nice things. Not at all. In fact, I have sometimes been guilty of bragging (see my previous blog on bragging about the celebs I have met!), however, there is a very thin line between bragging every so often about something that you have been luckily enough to acquire/win/ get to do etc and overdoing it to the point that people start to hate you just that little bit! I once knew a girl who would just brag on and on constantly about this thing and that thing that they had bought, daddy had bought etc and it got to the point that I ended up drifting apart from her, as did a lot of other friends. Because, when others are less fortunate than yourself, you need to think carefully about how your bragging is going to make people feel. Friends will be happy for you up until a point. But if all a person talks about is the last expensive item they acquired and don't show any care about the people they are bragging to, those friends will end up with resentment that could harm a friendship.

Number 5: Crowds!

Now I will admit that this last one sees me taking things a bit too far but that is the person I am. I say things like they are sometimes and it is one day probably going to get me a slap! Basically, due to being very claustrophobic in crowded places (I feel dizzy, faint and become short of breath), I end up taking out my anger on complete strangers to let out some of my frustration. This is bad enough usually, but over this last Christmas it reached breaking point when I went food shopping just before Christmas with my mum and ended up saying loudly how much I hate people (yes, ALL people!) and that this woman/that man/those kids were rude/idiots/glaring at me! The truth is people probably are glaring at me simply because I glare at them. I don't think I even mean to. I just feel so ill in crowds that I try and get out of there as fast as possible regardless of who I anger in the process. Things I also hate due to crowds are: festivals/music events, shopping centres, trains and buses and....London! I hate London and could never live there simply because it is just the most claustrophobic, stressfull, crowded place I have ever been to... Never, ever living there!

So, that's my list. Hopefully I have not ended up offending you all... If one or more of these points do actually refer to one of my friends I do apologise and it really isn't anything personal as your good points would completely outweigh a bad habit such as smoking! It's me letting off steam, feel free to make your own list of your 5 pet hates and I guarantee I will be on it at least once (I am annoying!)


  1. If I was to write a post on my pet hates all of the above would make it into at least my top 10! I don't get why people get offended because they end up falling into a pet hate catergory because it's not going to change the way you feel about it and in turn I'm sure one of theirs describes someone they know. I hate parents smoking near kids, I once had to move my own cousin away from his mum because she was smoking next to him and good thing I did because the next thing I knew she dropped ash where he'd been sitting not 2 seconds ago, I had to literally be dragged away from her I was mad. The worst thing I hate about crowds is that look people give you that signals "I'm not moving, you had better" It makes me want to just shove them out of my way.
    Another great post, it made me think of everything that annoys me about those points, and I could be here all day on it but I wont :) You write things really well and I enjoy reading your posts xx

  2. lol i love this, altho i park in parents and baby spaces if there are no spaces left in asda and there are like 20 spare, i doubt 20 parents are going to go shopping when im in there for 10mins lol. i aswell as them dont like my car being scratched lol but i do agree with the rest i have a big hate for sunbeds!! xx

  3. i will add though i once gave up my parking space for a disabled person because there were non in the area and the person said she was desperate for the toilet lol so i do, do my good deeds :) and i just re read the bragging part.. i couldn't agree more!! good post emma xx

  4. ahh thanks girlies :) love hearing your feedback! :) xx

  5. Completely agree with all of your above pet hates. I also cannot stand crowds, I purposely go shopping in quiet times, as I don't work regular shifts this is easy for me. This all came because when I was 18 I had my purse stolen, with all my birthday money, prom tickets, bank cards etc in it while I was standing in a queue. I go as far as to stick my leg out if I feel someone is standing too close to me in a queue now too. I completely understand this!

  6. Good post Emma, although I will admit I do smoke and I am not ashamed of it, I never smoke around my son though. I can understand why people hate it and if a non-smoker asked me to smoke elsewhere then I would be happy to oblige. I admire you and your honesty. xx


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