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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

From Bump to Baby: Chapter 2: Starting to get bigger!

Just after my 21st, and as part of my birthday present, my family and I went to Disneyland in Paris. Now, anyone who knows me will testify that Disneyland is one of my most favourite places in the entire world! I love it and have been so so many times. When I was a kid I went every Christmas for about 4 years and it always brings back the child in me. There was only one thing that ruined my trip this time round and this was the fact that, due to being 5 months pregnant, I was unable to go on my favourite ride there: The Pirates of the Caribbean one! I don't actually like big, scary rides so I hadn't thought there would be a problem, but, despite not being big or scary, I was refused entry to this one due to the steep drops inside and the fact that the boats can bump into each other. I think, considering how pregnant and hormonal I was, I coped pretty well with not being able to go on this ride. I sat outside it on a bench whilst everyone else went on it and read a magazine to the guy next to me's amusement! And then when my brothers went on it
Hee Hee-Big Kid, me!

again over the course of the holiday, my lovely mummy didn't go with them and kept me company on the kiddy rides! My 2nd favourite ride is It's a Small World, and we went on that A LOT! I absolutely loved the holiday and am so grateful to my mum to taking us.

Once back in the UK again, it was the dreaded summer time! I was often alone at my house and, with nothing else to do, ended up sunbathing lots! I was careful to keep my tummy covered with a white towel (don't ask me why a white towel, got this tip off the internet!) I would lie out in the sun,  
Looking not very pregnant at all at 30 weeks!
reading magazines and on my beloved iphone (that I got for my birthday) and a few weeks in I had a tan that made people believe I had been abroad. It was horrible having to be pregnant during such a heat wave though, honest!

30 Week Bump :)

It was on one of these long summer days when I had a massive scare. I was meant to be going to my friend Stevie's birthday meal that night and so was due to meet up with Aimee. I had been having twinges all afternoon but thought nothing really of it, until I got up to go and get ready and I doubled over in pain with a huge pain in my stomach. It felt like waves of pain soaring through my stomach and I instantly panicked. I was only 30 weeks pregnant at the time and when I rang the Maternity hospital and told them how I was feeling they told me to get down to them as soon as I could as I could be in early labour! I tried ringing my mum but had no answer as she was working so instead I rang my 2nd birth partner, Aimee. She came rushing over with her mum to take me to the hospital. By this point I could barely make it down the stairs as I could not stand up straight and I was feeling dizzy and sick. I hadn't packed my birth bag and was in too much pain to bring anything other than a book on pregnancy which didn't help at all to calm my nerves as I sat in the back of Aimee's mum's car with Aimee reading exerts of the book out to us! We struggled into the maternity hospital, having to cross the road from the normal hospital after we were turned away from there! They rushed me into the labour ward after taking one look at me and that's when I started panicking more! It suddenly seemed so real, with all the equipment around me and the tiny cot to put the newborn baby in. I was told to give a urine sample and then was strapped up to a heart monitor to listen in to 
In hospital labour ward after my scare!
 the baby and also to monitor to see if I was having contractions. They also did an internal examination which hurt a bit, mainly was just uncomfortable though! I was assured that the baby was fine and that I wasn't in labour as I wasn't having contractions.

They still couldn't tell me what was wrong with me though, and the pain was still there. They decided to keep me in overnight which terrified me as I HATE hospitals! Luckily they allowed my mum to stay with me after I got quite emotional and because they were too full up on the ward so I had to stay in the labour ward. This wasn't  
Ready for bed!
very much fun as I could hear women in labour screaming etc when trying to sleep! My mum had to sleep on a mat on the floor which was quite funny! Early in the morning I had  
My mum on her mat bed lol
to be transferred to a proper bed on the ward so my mum had to leave, but she had work the next day anyway. That day I had to have a few tests done to check what was wrong and they finally were able to confirm what they had spoken about, that I had a Kidney infection which is what had caused the pain. This meant I had to have a scan of both my baby and my kidneys to check everything was alright. After a very long and boring day at the hospital I was allowed to leave a day earlier than they had originally said which made me really happy! I also got another scan photo which was great as I got to see my  
Passing time in hopsital-yawn!
little boy again. It was such a scary experience but in a way I am glad of it as it prepared me for the real thing a bit.
Horrible hospital food!

My 30 Week Scan

I planned my Babyshower during those long summer days. I know some people are against the idea of a babyshower, seeing it as begging etc or that it is too americanised. I don't agree with this though. I am going to be an events planner and I wanted to gain experience of an event, whilst celebrating the fact that I was about to have a baby, in the company of friends and family. I planned it alongside my best friend (and birth partner!) Aimee and the end result was just what I wanted. We spent an afternoon having pink champagne,  
At my babyshower
orange juice, strawberries and cakes outside before opening presents, playing a couple of betting games (baby's weight and birth date etc) before settling down to watch the Rachel about to/giving birth episdodes of Friends! It was a great day and I loved everything people gave me and was extremely grateful for all of the presents for me and for the little baby inside me.

Presents for Cameron!

32 Weeks

The next big event was my mum's graduation! I was so proud of her to have got her Masters Degree in Special Educational Needs. I was a little concerned about the ceremony itself, however, as I was at the time going to the toilet every ten minutes due to little Cameron jumping around on my bladder at inopportune moments, and the information about the ceremony said that once the doors were closed nobody was to get in or out. But, after my mum emailed them, I was assured I would be able to sit by the doors and leave as  
With my mum at the Graduation
and when I needed! This sorted, I was excited to celebrate with my mum and nan. The Ceremony was on my brother James' birthday, but as he doesn't surface until afternoon anyway and the ceremony was in the morning it was fine! I was really proud watching my mum graduate and afterwards even got to try her gown  

 and cap on and pretend I was the one graduating (away from other people of course, how embarrassing!) It looked amusing as by this point, my bump was MASSIVE!


                                                                  to be continued.......


  1. Aww im loving this, feels so real as if im going through it with u!! xxx

  2. As interesting as the first post, am now waiting for the next one again :) Love your hair in the Chipmunk picture, and I like how you don't have that much of bump and then at 32 weeks it seems to appear out of nowhere... I also see you have More with you in the hospital, I would not be surprised if you were in that one xx

  3. ahhh thanks girls! Tanya, I am loving writing it, it's bringing it all back! I will most prob write it tomorrow :) my bump gets massive next! xx

  4. Emma this is amazing!! I agree with Gina, feels like im going through it with you. Its like a book you cant put down and can't wait for the next part! xx

  5. ahhhh thanks so much Joanna! I am finding a lost passion in this writing stuff! xx


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