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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Cameron's Christening Plans!

So, as you may or may not know, I am having Cameron Christened in April.

I went for a meeting with the vicar today at his parish house and had a lovely chat with him. He is a really nice man. Sadly, he won't be the one performing the ceremony on the day as he is away and it's the only weekend that works for me as my brother is only back from Newcastle for a few weeks and two of those Sundays are religious days (palm sunday and easter sunday). So the date has been set for April 10th and I am very excited about it.

I have never been overly religious but do have faith and have been Christened myself and so want Cameron to have the chance to be brought up in the same faith as his parents. I am lucky that the Church I am having the service in is not overly traditional as I want some quite modern arrangements such as the 7 Godparents I have! I couldn't choose between them and the whole thing snowballed!

I have been arranging the outfits tonight and have decided on me and Cameron's dad to be in purple, the Godfathers in lilac shirts and the Godmothers to be in black dresses with lilac accessories. I chose black because I haven't the money to afford to pay for the dresses and hardly thought it fair to ask them all to buy their own new to fit a different colour scheme. I figured every girl has a black dress, and if not, black is relatively easy to buy and for cheaper than say a red or blue dress. It also goes with most people and I am making sure the accessories and the men make them look more cheerful! I am looking for a dress online for me at the moment and have also picked out a cute little cream suit for Cameron which I am sure will make him look even more adorable than he does at the moment!
Possible dress for me!

The suit I want to get Cameron!

I have been sending out the invites for the Christening tonight and am really pleased with the way they turned out. I chose to do them online as I don't have the money or time to send them via post, plus the post is seriously unreliable at the moment! I was able to put a photo of Cameron and music on the 'e-vite' which was great! I have invited a mix of family and friends and a few have children or babies so that's lovely, it's always nice to have other children around at these things. The event planner in me is definitely coming out in full force.

The invite (blanked out the details as don't want random people turning up/stalking me!)

I am planning the party afterwards more than the actual ceremony as that is much more about the religion and tradition. The party will have some food, but not be catered again due to cost and I also don't feel a Christening necessarily needs catering. I am planning a little surprise for the party side of things, though nothing as crazy as mine and Georgie's routine from friends at my 20th! I love the Ellie Goulding version of Your Song so will be having that played at one point at the party, I like to sing it (badly) to Cameron as some of the words are true for a mother and her son as well as what they are actually about.

I will be planning more in the upcoming weeks so will keep a little update going for anyone interested and for those reading who are invited, I look forward to seeing you at the Church!

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