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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

As you know, I am on this new healthy 'new me' plan and have already lost 3 pounds in a week simply from cutting out the junk! This week I have discovered an amazing website: which sells 'graze' boxes for £3.49 (including delivery) for 4 pots of snacks at a time! You can have these boxes tailor made to your tastes and requirements using the easy online selection process. You simply tick whether you love, like, will try or want to bin each item offered and from this, the team at Graze will make up your box for you and have it sent to you on a day of your choice! You can have as many as you like a week. I have just gone for the 1 to start with to see if I like it! My Favourite! And the best part is that with this exclusive code: YOU can get your first Graze Box absolutely free, and your second 1/2 price! There really is no catch! (You do put in card details at one point, but are assured that you will not have a direct debit set up, payment for later boxes are only taken as you order them and you can even cancel membership after just the one FREE box!) And with half of us on a healthy eating kick at the moment, and the other half simply loving their food, it must be worth a try surely? Let me know what you think of your free graze box! I cannot wait for mine!

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