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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A Royal Weekend

I wouldn't say I am particuarly patriotic. I didn't make any plans to attend any street parties for example this weekend. However, I did love the fact that the Jubilee brought people together.

My family was no different and bright and early Saturday morning, myself, Cameron and my boyfriend travelled up to Essex to stay with my dad and younger sister Megan. We had a great time catching up and eating lots of yummy food (my dad is THE BEST host!).

Enjoying Fajitas for lunch at a bar in Chelmsford, Essex

Less amused... watching football at the local pub

In the evening my brother and his fiancee (they got engaged last weekend in Paris) arrived and the celebrations began. It was actually quite amusing being the only person in the room who wasn't drunk (apart from Cameron of course, who was asleep).

In the morning my mum travelled up with my nan and we all went out for Sunday lunch at a nearby pub. I think it's really great that my parents can get on so well after all they've been through. After the meal we went back to my dad's and watched the Jubilee celebrations on tv whilst everyone relaxed.

That evening we went to Kent to stay with my aunt for the night and on the Monday we went out for another meal, this time to the Toby Carvery before going to a Jubilee Picnic in the Park and then heading back to Bournemouth where we watched some of the Jubilee concert.

Cameron loves spending time with his second cousin Spencer


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