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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Mini Shopping Haul

I have been very good and haven't been shopping anywhere near as much as I used to before moving house. However, I have started saving up money to spend on my Spring/Summer wardrobe and today, as I was in town and the sunny weather was making me realise how little summery clothes I have now, I decided to pop into New Look. I bought this lovely white t-shirt and yet another of their cardigans, this time in a lovely coral colour. On my way to the till I also saw a really nice pair of pink and purple sunglasses and had to have them (my current glasses are big tacky white heart ones!). I also went into H&M but just got another of their lipglosses, this time in a pale pink shade. Very girly and summer, love my haul!

Whilst out, I also took a detour into Boots as they have their baby event on. I didn't really need any baby products but I saw this toddler training seat and bought it as Cameron doesn't understand the concept of his potty but tries to use the toilet like I do!


  1. So we can buy best products form your this mini store so thanks Baby Products

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  2. I really love the new top from New Look hun, I have so many of their cardigans too, almost every colour I bet, they are fab though


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