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Thursday, 9 February 2012

What's in my (New) Bag?

I absolutely love my current handbag which I bought myself from River Island on New Year's Eve.

I'm a typical woman (think I have got even worse since having had Cameron), and I manage to stuff full my bags, no matter how big they are. This is what is currently in my handbag:

Purse, Organiser and ID

 I love my purse. I got it as part of my Christmas present from my best friend and it is so nice and big and girly. I don't have a Driving License Photocard at the moment as it was stolen so I have to carry round my (very unflattering) passport for ID. I like to be super organised but to be honest, I use my Notes app on my iPhone more than this organiser.


I never leave the house without my makeup bag (I don't care if this makes me sound vain). I have all of my everyday makeup in my bronze makeup bag and then I have a girly eye makeup palette, a bronzing palette with a mirror built in as well. I also carry round my mini hairbrush, dry shampoo and hairspray so that I can fix my hair when I am out and about. I also always have my current nail varnish with me so that I can fix chips if I need to.

The Essentials

I carry around sunglasses even when it is not a nice day as it could become sunny and I might need them when driving. I have a couple of pens on the go, a pair of tweezers, a pack of tissues, some mouthwash and baby bonjela for Cameron as he is teething again!

My Gadgets

As well as my iPhone (not pictured as I take photos with it), I also have my iPod shuffle and a mini digital keychain.

What's in your bag?

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